Sheetla Mata

Sheetla Mata

Among 7 sisters, Sheetla Mata is the eldest and oldest mother. She was a big devotee of the Eternal Being and got boon to eradicate the diseases inside the human beings. Sheetla Mata is a form of Aadi-Shakti and her basic place is in Neem tree. In simple words, she lives in Neem tree. As far as it belongs to her food, she likes to eat Sweet like jaggery (gud) Laddu, Barfi, Halwa, Gulgule etc. 
Since Mata Sheetla is the eldest and oldest like great grandmother (Budhi Amma or Dadi Maa), every goddess bow before her and follows her order. Nobody has right to rise any question against her wish. Just respect and follow her. 

Seven Sisters

Including Tridevi, the powers of the Trinity (Tridev), Sheetla, Mashani, Kalka and Buddho are the seven sisters. Sheetla mata is the Eldest and Oldest. In physical form, she is very old lady with open white hair on her head but she is very powerful and order all the seven sisters as per the requirement of the Time. In the eyes of Sheetla Mata, all the Goddesses are her sisters. She has no partiality towards anyone. 

Sheetla Mata Mandir

Sheetla Mata Mandir or temple is mainly situated in Gurugram (formerly known as Gurgaon) in Haryana, adjoining New Delhi and quite near to IGI Airport in New Delhi. You can reach at Sheetla Mata mandir by Bus, Train or Delhi Metro to Gurugram. It is around 6 KM from Huda City Centre Metro Station in Gurugram. Prepaid Auto and Taxi facility are available from the metro station. Fare is around Rs. 80 to 100 only.  

Respect Sheetla Mata

Mata Sheetla Devi is the mother Goddess. Respect her as she bestows her blessings to you and you get success in your life in all respects. She makes and keeps you fit and healthy. She lives in Neem tree. She destroys germs and other bacterial infections inside you. She loves you a lot like great grandmother. Never raise any question on her actions or any activity. Just love and respect her. She always does good to you.       


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