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Teaching Tantra Vidya or Metaphysical Sciences

One of our most popular services is to teach tantra vidya or metaphysical sciences. It includes how to cast magical spells. Though it has strict guidelines to use this but this is important to know that how it works and if anyone wants to use it, how he will use it. Importance of a Guru in tantra uses and if a spell is bounced, how you will save yourself and your family.   

Tantra Shat Karmas

There are six karmas in tantra which are known as Tantra Shat Karmas.

Know how to cast the powerful magical spells

Many people want to know how to cast the powerful magical spells but they do not know where to go and whom should they contact to?

Removal of Black Magical Spells

This is the most important point to know about the removal of black magical spells as it is the most dangerous act in tantra or in the process of exorcism. 

Islamic spells

Islamic spells are very powerful but dangerous as well. This is because generally people use the Islamic spells in negative ways. If those spells are used for the mankind, you will get desired and rapid results.

Naqsh e Sulaimani

Naqsh e Sulaimani is used by most of the Muslim spell casters to get the results faster. This is as kind of Indrajal in Hinduism. Hand-written yantras are used to use these spells. Naqsh e sulaimani can be used for both good and bad purposes. 

Ruhani ilm

Ruhani ilm is actually a powerful black magic spells. The deal souls are used to cast these dangerous spells. It is highly recommended not to use or cast these kinds of spells because the dead souls or the ghosts or evil spirits may bounce back upon you too. These evil spirits are generally belong to Shamshan or the Cremation Ground or the Kabristan. Stay away from them.




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