Mata Buddho Devi

Buddho Mata

Mata Buddho Devi is the youngest among seven sisters of Mata Sheetla Devi. Sheetla Mata is the eldest and oldest of all the Goddesses while Buddho Mata is the youngest and affectionate to all. One has to visit Mata Buddho temple at Mubarakpur village in Gurugram, Haryana. It is around 23 KM away from Sheetla Mata mandir in old Gurugram. 

How to worship

When you go to Gurugram, first visit Sheetla Mata. Then Mashani Mata just behind the temple. After worshipping these two Goddesses then visit Buddho Mata at Mubarakpur in Gurugram district, Haryana. This visit is essential.   


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