Mata Mashani Devi

Mata Mashani Devi is always associated with Mata Sheetla Devi. She is the Goddess of opening and closing different ways to success in your life. Mata Mashani Devi is considered as the Goddess of Crossing (4 ways or Chauraha). This is the furious form of Shakti or the Power. She is black in color like Goddess Mahakali. She is extremely furious form. She has two teeth out of her mouth on both sides of the mouth like vampires. It is advisable not to use this power until it is extremely needed. Playing with this power is to play with fire. It may change in a bloody game of your life. Please be careful and use when needed in guidance of a noble Guru or Bhagat. Beginners are not allowed this power even by mistake. Stay away if you are unknown to this form of Goddess.  

Her workings

Mata Mashani Devi works violently. She drinks blood and eat meat. She likes the Bali/Sacrifice of Pig the most. She also takes sacrifice of Male-Goat and Chicken. All these Non-Veg items are taken by this Goddess when you worship her in Tamsik form. Sometimes, she also takes eggs and wine etc in the tamsik form.

But if you worship her in simple form or by Satvik ways, she then takes the sweets like Laddu, Barfi, Gulgule or other sweet food items like Halwa etc. If you are a common man, it is recommended to worship Mata Mashani Devi in Satvik or Calm form.  


Sahnak is a collection of Food Items of Mata Mashani Devi which are offered the Goddess at the Crossing of four ways (Chowk or Chauraha). Before offering, it is moved 7 times clockwise over the head of the person/victim. 

There are two types of Sahnak. The first one is Badi Sahnak and the other one is Chhoti Sahnak. Badi Sahnak is given in the graveyard. It is dangerous. It contains some Non-Veg items and other ritual stuffs. It is generally used to remove black magic spells on the person/victim. Chhoti Sahnak is offered at the Crossing of 4 ways (Chowk or Chauraha). It generally contains veg food items and other ritual stuffs as per the requirement. 

Never Jump or Cross a Sahnak

Never Jump or Cross a Sahnak because it has some negative energies or the evil spirits. Doing such action may substitute those evil forces inside your body secretly. You may have to go through the dire consequences in your life ahead. So, It is highly advised to stay away from such things. 

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