Life after death

Life after death is very mysterious as it happens in the metaphysical dimension with Time but a common man cannot see it anyway. Here are some classifications of the life after death:


Bhoot is the past. A soul, which is always lying in the past and in terms of his history of different events, is called a bhoot who is generally a spirit of a dead soul who did not get Mukti (salvation). 


Pret is an evil spirit and found in lonely places. Pret are found in each and every religion of the world. Dead souls, unsatisfied evil spirits, Jinn, Jinnat etc all are Pret. 


Pitra is the soul of your ancestors who passed away. When your ancestors got died and if they got pitra state of souls, they become your pitra. Pitras are also two types good or bad. A bad pitra may kill a person inside his lineage or he may also give you a good life. 

Life after death in Tantra Solutions


Bhasmikaran means to set fire on. Generally, when an evil spirit does not ready to leave one's body during exorcsim, he is set on fire and thus killed and the person gets rid of it.


During exorcism, when an evil spirit is killed under sanhaar, that soul will never get a birth as a human being. he will become insect, animal, bird or other wild animals but never a human.


Here Mukti means not salvation but to give a good state of living under life and birth cycle as per his good karma. His karmas will become the base of his further happenings in good forms of life. During exorcism, it is given to a good soul. That soul will take birth as a human being again. Karmas are always keep in mind in it.


Mukti-II is a part of Mukti but it is given to a soul during exorcism when it is found that he has performed some evil or bad karmas also. Though he has a lot of good karmas but bad also. So, in Mukti-II, that soul will have to take one or more births until his bad karmas are over as an animal, birds or other beings but not a human. Only after the finishing of bad karmas, he will get birth as human being. This will due to his good karma now. So, it is always said to do good karma.    


Moksha is the salvation when a soul come out of the cycle of birth and death. His life will be in the lap of the Supreme Almighty, the God Almighty. He will never take birth in any form and will become a part of God, Himself. He will serve and work for the God Almighty only.

Servants of God in the form of the Supernatual powers 


Kuldevi or Kuldevta

Gram Devi or Gram Devta 

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