Secrets of Metaphysical Sciences

Secrets of Metaphysical Sciences

Shakti Chakra

One of the best and topmost point in the Secrets of Metaphysical Sciences is that it works beyond all physical limits and leave impacts on all biological dimensions. Its roots lies in metaphysical world and it simultaneously works into your seen world. 

Shat Karma

Shat Karma in tantra are Shantikaran, Vashikaran, Stambhan, Uchchatan, Vidveshan and Maran. Metaphysics includes all these karmas and Vama Marg. 

The Eternal being

The Eternal being is actually the God Almighty. HE has no form and no size. HE is completely invisible and beyond everything. He makes different kinds of souls and their nature as per the demand of time. HE is the sustainer and the maintainer of the entire and unlimited universe. HE is omnipotent.   


Deities are made by the Eternal being. These are basically the Supernatual powers which are generally known as Gods and Goddesses in different forms. 

Angles and Shaitan

Angles and Shaitan are two different and opposite forces. Angles are the Light-elements and represent the divine powers while Shaitan is the Fire-Element and represents the Evil. 

The human being

The human being is a twin kind of construction by the God Almighty. This is a combination of goodness and badness. This is an Earth-element and hence Mortal.  

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